• LTO-8 Press Release

    LTO Program outlines generation 8 specifications and extends technology roadmap to 12th generation.

  • Analyzing LTO-7
    Total Cost Of Ownership

    Discussed in this ESG analysis, LTO solutions offer the opportunity for organizations to drastically reduce cost of ownership and improve user productivity compared with disk-based alternatives.

  • LTO for the Next
    Generation Data Center

    This ESG Lab Review is designed to address any possible misconception that LTO tape is a slow or unreliable storage platform, while also exploring its new features.

  • TCO Tool

    Every enterprise, regardless of the industry, struggles with the management of data. Many IT and Storage professionals have turned to cloud-based storage for storing second copies of data or for long-term retention of infrequently accessed data.

  • Best Practices For Managing Video Workflows

    Discover how media and entertainment companies are innovating and improving production, post-production, distribution, and archival data strategies.

  • LTO-7
    Technology Presentation

    Stay up to date on the latest advances in data storage for video and digital media.

  • Managing Surveillance Data

    With a greater number and higher specification of cameras and the increased value of data with longer retention times, requirements to store footage has become increasingly challenging. Read about the benefits and best practice of using LTO technology to store video surveillance data.

  • LTO-7 First

    SSG-NOW tested the recently introduced LTO-7 tape drives and shares their findings.

  • LTO-7 Specifications
    Press Release

    LTO Ultrium format generation 7 specifications are now available for licensing by storage mechanism and media manufacturers.

  • LTO-7

    LTO-7 technology is the latest in a long line of tape products that companies around the world turn to in protecting their most valuable data and content.

  • Healthcare
    Data Storage

    A TechTarget whitepaper showing how LTO technology and LTFS can help store and manage health care data and stay compliant.

  • Coping with the
    Video "Data Bulge"

    A NewBay whitepaper exploring the use of LTO technology and LTFS for cost-effective storage for video surveillance data.

  • The Cost and
    Benefits of LTO-7

    LTO technology is the lowest cost for storage in the foreseeable future in the data storage market.

  • LTO Capacity
    At A Glance

    The rate at which data being produced increases daily. And it’s not just the number of files that are increasing; it’s also the size of these files.

  • LTFS At
    A Glance

    The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is an open software specification that allows for new, simple ways to access data on tape.

  • LTFS

    How media and entertainment and other organizations can use LTO technology and LTFS to store content in the workflow and archive.

  • LTO Technology and
    LTFS Use Cases

    These companies use LTO tape and LTFS to reduce storage costs and make archiving precious content easier.