• LTO-7 Shipment
    Report Release

    The LTO program continues to break year-over-year records in total tape capacity shipped.

  • LTO-7
    Technology Presentation

    Stay up to date on the latest advances in data storage for video and digital media.

  • Analyzing LTO-7
    Total Cost Of Ownership

    Discussed in this ESG analysis, LTO solutions offer the opportunity for organizations to drastically reduce cost of ownership and improve user productivity compared with disk-based alternatives.

  • LTO for the Next
    Generation Data Center

    This ESG Lab Review is designed to address any possible misconception that LTO tape is a slow or unreliable storage platform, while also exploring its new features.

  • LTO-7 First

    SSG-NOW tested the recently introduced LTO-7 tape drives and shares their findings.

  • LTO-7 Specifications
    Press Release

    LTO Ultrium format generation 7 specifications are now available for licensing by storage mechanism and media manufacturers.

  • LTO-7

    LTO-7 technology is the latest in a long line of tape products that companies around the world turn to in protecting their most valuable data and content.

  • Healthcare
    Data Storage

    A TechTarget whitepaper showing how LTO technology and LTFS can help store and manage health care data and stay compliant.

  • Coping with the
    Video "Data Bulge"

    A NewBay whitepaper exploring the use of LTO technology and LTFS for cost-effective storage for video surveillance data.

  • The Cost and
    Benefits of LTO-7

    LTO technology is the lowest cost for storage in the foreseeable future in the data storage market.

  • LTO Capacity
    At A Glance

    The rate at which data being produced increases daily. And it’s not just the number of files that are increasing; it’s also the size of these files.

  • LTFS At
    A Glance

    The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is an open software specification that allows for new, simple ways to access data on tape.

  • LTFS

    How media and entertainment and other organizations can use LTO technology and LTFS to store content in the workflow and archive.

  • LTO Technology and
    LTFS Use Cases

    These companies use LTO tape and LTFS to reduce storage costs and make archiving precious content easier.

  • LTFS Customer
    Success Stories

    SNIA's LTFS Technical Work Group collaborates with other industry associations, to help educate and promote the value of LTFS.

  • LTO-7 Security

    The value of data is increasing, but so is the cost of protecting this data.